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Patrick J. Gill

Gravely Will Creations

Halloween to me has always been an reason and extension of my creativity. I believe that the Holiday is celebration of art and creativity! It started as a very young child creating my costumes and creating costumes for my siblings.


One thing always seemed to lead to another. Once you win first place in a costume contest you have been bitten by the bug, and all you can do is think and imagine bigger and better things! Imagination I believe, is one of Gods unique gifts to mankind as I am unaware of any other animals that have this unique ability to in-vision things in our minds.  

As long as I can remember Halloween has been the most special of Holidays for me. I honestly believe that if it weren't for Halloween, I would not be the artist that I am today. Because for me, it is all about creativeness, nurturing and developing your talent.

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