Mandy Palumbo

October Oddities

I am an illustration artist at heart, but have recently found this wonderful little form of art called- SCULPTURE. Never tried it before, now I cant stop....

Everyone has always told me to do something with my art, so as one door has closed, it has allowed for this one to open and hopefully flourish. Most of you know that I am slightly 'off ' in the head, no, I'm mostly 'off ' in the head, so I may as well be constructive with it...

My art dolls are made of paper clay. ALL handmade by me, no molds. Its long hours, sitting in the studio sculpting and crafting till my rear goes numb..

I have been published in the Celebrate 365 magazine, Art Doll Quarterly, and started my hand at art shows which include Halloween &Vine, Spirits in Sanford,  Atomic Holiday Bazaar, and now All Hallow’s Art Fest.

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