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Lori Hanna

I am an artist living in Orange, California.


Art is my passion, my obsession, my love, and my life. I have to be creating constantly, always, or I’ll go crazy! I have loved art, and to create, for as long as I can remember. I was trained working with oils at an early age. From there, I moved on to other mediums.


I do all kinds of artwork. My main medium is painting, on all kinds of surfaces-canvas, wood, glass, altered art, and mixed media-if it sits still long enough, chances are I’ll paint something on it!


As strong as my passion is to create a thing of beauty, I am also fascinated by the “dark” side. For me, it is a fine line between beauty and the macabre. If I have the opportunity to create something that’s edgy and disturbing, I won’t miss it! Halloween is by far my favorite holiday!


I am so looking forward to being a part of All Hallow’s Art Fest for 2020!

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