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Lisa Simonson

Lisa Simonson ( aka L.Sim ) is a Northern California Bay Area artist who has spent most of her life expressing her particular dark whimsy through a vast range of creative mediums. Primarily a painter, Lisa's playfully macabre themes resonate by virtue of an inherent palette whether as paintings, mixed media sculptures, animations, sound art, films or video pieces.


Her projects have ranged from independent or individual works to larger collaborations with other artists and performers. Lisa has created sound projects and as well continues to perform music live. From the visual to the sonic, what defines Lisa is the consistent eccentric vision and uncanny atmosphere she creates. Over the past 5 years she discovered the technique of needle felting and began producing sculptural versions of the twisted themes that have always fascinated her.

There is an exquisite darkness to her work that is delightfully disturbing and wonderfully wicked. These subtle twists of disturbance can be seen in the details and backgrounds of her pieces.

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