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Dennis Haynes Runamuck Studio

Born and raised in Texas, I now live in beautiful Kenmore, WA with my husband, Robert.  I like to create one-of-a-kind pieces that are mostly holiday-themed and my style is "anything goes".  My creative wheels are constantly spinning so I'm always thinking up new and different things to create.  Sometimes cute is good and sometimes macabre is better.  Along with an 8-5 job, I produce the Halloween art show Hallowbaloo in the Seattle area.


The name "Runamuck" was chosen because, in more modern terms, it simply means running around like a crazy person. Even more loosely interpreted, some may say my style runs amuck.  I love it that way.  You'll see something different every year as I challenge myself to try new things, adapt what I've seen and push the boundaries of what's considered normal. Sometimes, it's so out there that some folks don't know what to think.

You're sure to find quite the variety at my booth this year, including some Tiki Halloween! Come by and say Hi - I'd love to meet you!


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