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Hi there, I'm Carina, owner of Cookies by Carina. I was born and raised in Santa Rosa, California where I live with my husband and our two boys.


I am culinary trained from the Culinary Institute of America Grey Stone. In 2005 I got my baking and pastry degree, which led me to work in many popular restaurants and catering companies throughout Sonoma and Napa counties.


Cookie parties are a long standing tradition in my family. It started when I would invite my mom and 4 year old nephew over to decorate cookies. I got him a little apron and chefs hat, and let him go at it with alllll the frosting. He loved it! 

Over the years, there were more and more kids added to the family and the tradition lived on. Every December we gather together, I make a bunch of blank cookies to decorate and everyone sits together and decorates them. 

What I love most about cookie decorating is that there is no right or wrong way to do it. I provide the children with blank canvases and they use their imaginations from there.

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